The Morning is Wiser Than the Evening

In old Slavic folk tales the hero Ivan, weary from travel and beset by the tricks of the witch Baba Yaga, is often sheltered for a night by the spell-bound maiden he must rescue. He will soon be tasked with staring down three magical hounds of increasing size, or sitting watch at a ghostly table laden with wine and meat that he must neither drink nor eat, but first he is given this moment of comfort. “Rest now,” she says. “The morning is wiser than the evening.” And the hero sleeps, knowing that he will face the day when it comes and not before. 

We too should take such comfort at the end of our day’s journey. Whatever distance we have traveled, whatever agitation of mind, whatever weariness lies upon us, only rest will cure. Rest for our body and rest for our spirit. The trials that we face in the morning will wait until then, and we will be better prepared for them having escaped from the cares of the world for a time.

So this night set aside anger, disappointment, and frustration. Lay down your burdens. Fear not the coming of the day. Rest now and be thankful. The morning is wiser than the evening.